Monday, 28 March 2011


I think our presentation last Wednesday went quite well. It seemed to have all the right ingredients:
What we were all about
·         Our postconsumer product
·         Facts & figures
·         Graphics
·         Animation
·         Video
·         And a bit of humour
It certainly made it a lot easier having a script to read instead of always looking at the screen for prompts or reading directly from the screen at the same time as the audience.
I am certainly glad to have been a member of Teamgorgeous and to have met and worked with such creative people.
I’m sorry now that it has come to an end but we all have to move on, and I will take such a lot with me from all my fellow students.
A great thank you to you all, I will miss you.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Millfield Rubbish

It is only about 200 yards of where I live to the small local Cooperative shop and fast-food take-away yet here is some of the litter I photographed on Saturday morning 19 march 2011 just after 7am.

And all within walking distance of these, which are adjacent to the shop.

There is a recycling lorry which collects items on a Monday morning and a number of items such as aluminium cans and plastic bottles are often blown from the bins on the lorry or the men miss the bins completely and the rubbish is left on the street.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Individual Box Prices

All the prices are in GB pence.

                    Small         Medium         Large
Burger          0.15             0.17             0.19

Pizza              0.17             0.19             0.21

Soup              0.08             0.10             0.12

Seed Boxes

Here are images of the small (1 1/2") peat seed containers from Dobbies we talked about on Thursday. The distance from centre to centre is 1 1/2 inches.

The next size up are the 2 1/2" pots.

Dobbies Canteen

Here are a three images of Dobbies Canteen.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Initial Animation Idea

Very basic film idea made by Becca.

This will be made even better by her and Jonathan.

Sown Boxes Leaflet

Growing Spaces

I'm doing my 3rd year work experience with Alex Wilde and Art Link. They are running a growing week at the end of March at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh.

Shame we'll have probably done our presentation by then!

Blossoming Garden!

This is the garden my block of flats shares. I'm desperate to fix it up and always thought it was just neglected. Until the other day when I noticed....

Can't wait till all these daffs come out!

Smoking area, DoJ Canteen

Last week, Stephen, Yi Nan and Jen studied the outdoor smoking area near the DoJ canteen. It's a great spot, overlooked by lots of studios - but has fallen into disrepair. It's a shame that the only people who get to appreciate this outdoor space are smokers - which will put most others off. There's a patio with shocking orange plastic chairs and a large sloping grass area covered in over-growing bushes. This would be a perfect place to have our little veg area - and clearly isn't being used at the moment. Long term it would be great to have some apple trees - perhaps some Braeburn and cooking apples to sell in the shop and use in the canteen. We could encourage students to get involved and create wall murals, trellises made from recycled materials, reclaimed bricks etc.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Backdated work

Quick thoughts on SOWN boxes, which were included in brainstorming session.

Basic box design

Design trust Pages

Tuesday, 1 March 2011



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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Business Plan

I have cobbled together a type of business plan for our Sown Boxes. It runs to around 33 pages and the figures need re-juggling (that's what I like about numbers).

Please find the first few pages of the plan.

I will bring a printed copy to our meeting on Tuesday.

Sown Boxes

Executive Summary
Sown Boxes (SB) is a new company which specialises in bio-degradable fast food containers. SB is concentrating on making recyclable food containers with a wide range of vegetable seeds impregnated within a section of the container. In addition to having several sizes of containers , SB will also offer the option of a customer choosing which type of seeds and size of containers they require. SB will be selling to smaller retail outlets as well as larger ones. Initially the bulk of SB's business will be generated by individuals from word-of-mouth referrals, but as time passes, it is intended that corporations will become a growing percentage of sales.
Once up and running with some momentum, SB will be steadily producing profits. It is projected that SB will be making a profit by December 2012. By the end of year three, it is projected that SB will be generating a net profit of approximately £15,000.
The Company
The Sown Boxes' mission is to create the finest boxes of this type available. SB, soon to be located in Dundee, using  premier local seeds, when possible and good quality biodegradable boxes. The business will be based in a working unit which is part of a small industrial development site within the city. Although this will be a small business to begin with, it is anticipated that as the venture grows it shall create a few working places to the local community. 
The founders of the company are, at present, full time students at Dundee Duncan of Jordanstone University and have various skills which they can bring to the business. The primary Sown Boxes that will be offered shall be for: pizza, burgers, fries, soup, hot drinks. Each container shall have a section which will contain the vegetable seeds with the remainder of the box being used on the compost heap.
The Market
The purchasing of Sown Boxes shall rely heavily on the buying public and the retail outlets who shall provide this type of container. It is anticipated that a greater number of containers shall be required during the 2summer holiday” period.
SB's competitive advantage will be based on two factors, low overhead which allows reasonable prices, and an unrelenting desire for the highest quality product and service.
1.     Low overhead.
2.     Highest quality product and service.
SB's sales strategy will be targeted at obtaining both the individual and corporate clients through word-of-mouth referrals. Customers will be able to place an order at the office, over the phone or via the website.
SB's start-up costs will include all the equipment needed for the unit-based office, legal fees, website creation, and start-up advertising. The home office equipment will be the largest chunk of the start-up expenses. This equipment includes a computer system, fax machine, office supplies, cellular phone, and pager. Additionally, there will be the installation of a broadband connection, and furniture for the home office. Total start-up expenses are expected to be £28,000, all of which will be provided through the Groups own equity.
The Break-even Analysis indicates SB will need to sell approximately £4,900 per month to break even. SB expects to earn approximately £14,000 in year two and £21,000 in year three.

1.1 Mission
The Sown Boxes' mission is to create the finest food containers available. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we hold fast to this truism, everything else will fall into place. Our products and services will exceed the expectations of our customers.
1.2 Objectives
The objectives for the first three years of operation include:
1.     To create a small company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations.
2.         To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
3.     To develop a sustainable small business, surviving off its own cash flow.

Company Summary
SB, soon to be located in Dundee, and will offer a wide range of bio-degradable food containers, production as well as custom units. SB will be producing the containers out of premier ingredients, local seeds when possible.
The business will be based in a small Dundee industrial unit. Although this will be a small local business, to begin with, toward the end of year one it is anticipated that it will have one more  employee. If the business goes per the forecasted plan, the business will achieve profits by the end of year one.
2.1 Company Ownership
The Sown Boxes will be a sole proprietorship, owned by the group of students.
2.2 Start-up Summary
SB's start-up costs will include all the equipment needed for the unit-based office, legal fees, website creation, and start-up advertising. The home office equipment will be the largest chunk of the start-up expenses. This equipment includes a computer system, fax machine, office supplies, cellular phone, and pager. The computer should have a 500 megahertz Celeron/Pentium processor, 64 megabytes of RAM (preferably 128), 6 gigabyte hard drive, and a rewritable CD-ROM for backing up the system. Additionally, there will be the expense installation of a broadband connection. While a broadband connection is not totally necessary, it only costs between £40-50 per month for service and will make working on the Internet significantly faster and easier.
The unit office will also require a few pieces of furniture such as a desk, chair, and bookshelf to transform a standard room into an office.  Lastly, an additional land phone line will be required. The legal fees are used for the formation of the business as well as for reviewing/generating standard client contracts. The Web creation fees at start-up costs are for design and creation of the website. The start-up advertising will be the production of brochures.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

origami flower

origami flower in Paris ~~~

 origami flower in Span~~~

 origami flower in Bei Jing ~

the website ~~~yi nan

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Seed Supplier Websites

Sorry I couldn't make the meeting today (Tue 22 Feb).

I have found some bulk seed suppliers at the following websites:

Bulk seed buying. US company.

Bulk seed buying. Australian company.

*Carrots, UK supplier

*Carrots, UK supplier

Where I got the links for the two sites above *  they do other veg seeds as wll.

Looks like another US supplier. Also have to contact the supplier to place an order. (seems obvious).



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(This Ones so cool!)
Container Gardening - Growing Vegetables, Dwarf Fruit Trees in Containers & Wooden Raised Beds. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 February 2011].

LifeBox - [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 February 2011].

Monday, 21 February 2011

Mushroom Origami

Sown Boxes Logo

Origami in Milan



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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Brechin Castle Garden centre

On Friday I took a trip to the Brechin Castle Garden Centre as part of the research for our Sown Boxes project.

Here are some of the photos I took and also a plan of the patio area outside the restaurant.




Play area

Food counter


Display of seed packets

Patio plan (not to scale)

Unfortunately it was raining so the scenery does not look very appealing,