Monday, 7 March 2011

Smoking area, DoJ Canteen

Last week, Stephen, Yi Nan and Jen studied the outdoor smoking area near the DoJ canteen. It's a great spot, overlooked by lots of studios - but has fallen into disrepair. It's a shame that the only people who get to appreciate this outdoor space are smokers - which will put most others off. There's a patio with shocking orange plastic chairs and a large sloping grass area covered in over-growing bushes. This would be a perfect place to have our little veg area - and clearly isn't being used at the moment. Long term it would be great to have some apple trees - perhaps some Braeburn and cooking apples to sell in the shop and use in the canteen. We could encourage students to get involved and create wall murals, trellises made from recycled materials, reclaimed bricks etc.

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